Current Trends Of Interior Flooring
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Current Trends Of Interior Flooring

Once upon a time, the most common type of flooring to see in a home was carpet, but that tradition is no more. These days you can find everything from painted concrete to patterned tiles to floating floorboards, and a few others. When it comes to deciding on which type of flooring you want in your home, whether a new home or a renovation of an existing one, it pays to know what the current trends of interior flooring are, and that's the type of information you can find here. Whether you need to find new flooring or you just want to keep abreast of current trends, these posts will be updated often.

Current Trends for Interior Flooring

  • 3 Types Of Floor Tiles For The Modern Home

    20 October 2020

    Floor tiles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for those who want to combine style with practicality. Tile floors are easy to clean, long-lasting and durable, so they are ideal for high-traffic areas of your home, such as hallways, kitchens and living rooms. Tiled floors can help keep your home cool during those hot summer months, and you can place rugs in those areas where you want softer flooring, such as at the side of your bed.

  • 4 Top-Notch Guidelines for Choosing Timber floors

    5 March 2020

    Timber flooring is one of the best flooring options thanks to its numerous advantages. First, timber is relatively durable compared to many flooring options. It also gives your home a natural feel and aesthetically appealing look. But that is not all. Cleaning a timber floor is relatively easy.  When choosing a timber floor, ensure you choose a design that complements your home's appearance. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of Australian hardwoods to choose from when building, remodelling or renovating your home.

  • Understanding Engineered Oak Flooring

    27 February 2020

    If you are looking to install timber flooring, you might come across two types of timber flooring namely solid/natural hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring. The reason you might mostly come across engineered oak flooring is that oak trees are easier to come by than other hardwoods. Why Not Softwood Floors? If you take into account the traffic that flooring bears, softwoods would wear quicker than hardwood, meaning you would need to change out your flooring planks frequently.

  • 4 Reasons to Install an Epoxy Floor Coating in Your Basement

    21 February 2020

    If you are looking to remodel your basement or add a new floor, an epoxy floor is one option you should consider. When applied to a concrete floor, epoxy floor coatings offer many advantages in terms of durability, maintenance and appearance. Here are four reasons to install an epoxy floor coating in your basement. 1. Moisture Protection Many homeowners struggle with excess moisture in their basements. Located below-ground, this part of the home can often be cold and damp, offering the perfect environment for mould and mildew and causing distortion in wooden floors.

  • Carpet Flooring: 3 Quick Tips for Finding the Best for Your Home

    20 February 2020

    Installing carpet flooring in your home comes with multiple benefits. Carpets are durable, stylish and comfortable and have soundproofing properties. However, carpets come in a wide range of options. And since they can be expensive, it's imperative to install only the best for your home. That means you need to make a few considerations first before choosing carpets. You can think of multiple factors to help you narrow down your options, but these three will help you get the right one for your home.